Opeth – Ghost Reveries

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Country : Sweeden

Band : Opeth

Year : 2005

Genre : Progressive Death Metal

Review by : _Viikate on Metal Archives

“Ghost Reveries” is the eighth studio album by Swedish progressive death metal band Opeth, and the first with keyboardist Per Wiberg. This album also seems a return to occult lyrical themes that Mikael Åkerfeldt had not written in for some fifteen years. This release, like it’s predecessor “Damnation”, has parted many fans of the band and evoked varied and wide opinions, from high amounts of praise to high amounts of criticism. Having signed to Roadrunner Records prior to the release of this album, many fans believed that the band had ‘sold out’ and that the new record would contain a much more less ‘extreme’ and ‘radio-friendly’ sound. A fact that not many people seem to know is that this album was recorded before the band signed the contract with Roadrunner, so that there would be no interference from anyone else other than the band. This fact is pointed out by guitarist/vocalist Mikael Åkerfeldt in the booklet of the special edition of the album, also adding that the representative from Roadrunner ‘loved’ the album from the moment that the opening track “Ghost of Perdition” kicked in. However, that seems to be enough detail surrounding the album, so let’s move on to the actual music.

This was the first album that I heard by Opeth, just under two years ago slightly after it’s initial release. This was one of the first ‘death metal’ albums that I had ever listened to, as at that time I was listening to much more mainstream metal music (I am now into mostly extreme metal now). I use the term ‘death metal’ with inverted commas as this is no ordinary death metal band, but that is where the band’s roots are firmly placed and clearly audible in the music. On first listen to the 67 minute journey, I didn’t really know what to think. It didn’t really strike me as anything special, but nor was it dreadful, it just all washed over my head. This is a feeling I get listening to a lot of music the first time however, as I sometimes don’t pay enough attention to it. I decided therefore to give it another try, and it started to grow on me. I then played it time after time, loving it and then seeking to get hold of their previous albums. Listening to some of the previous material, you would not think that “Orchid” and “Ghost Reveries” were produced by the same band. A lot of the melodic feel and dark atmosphere seems to have been lost, especially from the first four albums. The production is also far more cleaner, and a lot of almost ‘jazzy’ riffs are present on the latest release. Of course, I am not able to describe my exact feelings on listening to “Ghost Reveries” for the first time nearly two years in too much detail, but at this present time, with a better musical knowledge and background of the album I can describe what a fantastic album it is.

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Tracks :

  1. Ghost of Perdition
  2. The Baying of the Hounds
  3. Beneath the Mire
  4. Atonement
  5. Reverie / Harlequin Forest
  6. Hours of Wealth
  7. The Grand Conjuration
  8. Isolation Years
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